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Summer Challenge 2014 Retrochallenge – GEOS

Ignore the last post about the “Summer Challenge” Retrochallenge ( While I was looking for the equipment I needed to effectively finish the Donkey Kong game for the VIC-20 (I was trying to find a RAM expansion cartridge), I came across a stack of GEOS software for the Commodore 128. So, I decided to “go […]

Summer Challenge 2014 Retrochallenge

It’s time again to “kid myself” for another month, thinking I’ll someday complete an actual Retrochallenge (, but WHO CARES… it’s a fun activity no matter what!!! This time around, I’m going to continue a challenge that I apparently put off for 32 years, after discovering a cassette tape I had all this time with […]

Why do some blogs update so infrequently?

…..especially this blog? Well, shortly after my most recent post, November 2008, I decided to go back to college. It’s been hectic ever since. I hardly had any time to stick with my hobbies, as evidenced by the thin dust layer on the “junk” in my basement. Although, I suppose forgetting my blog passwords didn’t […]

What is Vintage Volts about?

I’ve been in the electronics hobby for quite some time, over thirty years. I’ve watched the hobby go from the open eyed wonder of new components and resources for the benchtop hobbyist to the modern era of electronic lifestyles. A lifestyle of conveniences society has been acclimated and accustomed to with cell phones, everyday computers, […]

The Way it Was

I remember the day. It was Halloween in 1977. I spent some of my saved up allowance to buy an AM Broadcasting Kit at Radio Shack. That’s when more than half of the shelves at Radio Shack actually catered to the parts hobby. For me, electronic stuff was cool (or was the term back then, […]

The way ELECTRONICS used to be!