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Data Transfer Between Two Commodore 64s

In a previous article, I introduced a hardware and software technique that allows for active data transfer from one Commodore 64 to another via a custom User Port cable connecting the two computers together. That article described how a modified version of the PAL assembler can invoke a direct compilation, not to disk or RAM, […]

Behind the Scenes – C64 Cross Assembling

I promised, both on this website and at VCFEast XII that I would release the details of the hardware and software involved in the “cross compiling” of Assembly language software on the Commodore 64. This article is the fulfillment of that promise. But first, let me define once again what “cross compiling” means in this […]

Cross Assembling on a Commodore 64

These days, the term “cross assembling” means that you use one computing environment to develop applications for different computing environment, like using Windows to make games for a Nintendo, or writing 6502 assembler on a system with an x86 CPU. For the lack of a better term, I’m using cross compiling to describe a means […]

Blog Response to the YDKF Podcast Episode 157

I just got done listening to Rob “Flack” O’Hara’s latest “You Don’t Know Flack” (YDKF) episode #157 called, “Printer Extravaganza.” I thought I would try something different and post a full response on my own blog. This post may be light on some details because it is in response to information specifically mentioned in YDKF […]

Updated Jan 20, 2015: My RetroChallenge Entry for January 2015

Twice a year, I enter the contest known as RetroChallenge. It is an informal challenge for all participants to do something with retro computers for one month. The next “Winter Warmup” challenge starts New Year’s Day, 2015. Although there is a contest aspect to the event, it’s really rather ungoverned or scrutinized as a contest. […]

Christmas Demos – VIC-20 Style

This Christmas day, I had a chance to look back and reflect on some of my earlier days as a computer programmer, working on simple, yet festive graphic demos on my Commodore VIC-20. It was 1981. I received my very first computer in October of that year. By the time Christmas was approaching, I had […]

The Two Hour QSO

As an amateur radio operator (HAM radio) I rarely talk for any great length of time during a QSO (meaning, talking with a “single person contact” or in a lengthy group conversation). My “rag-chewing” time is usually limited to the time it takes me to drive back and forth to work. Well today, I had […]

Archiving Dozens of Floppies

A little over a year ago, I bought a useful hardware adapter which makes the transfer of Commodore 8-bit floppy disks seem like an elementary task. In the past, I used to use one of the printer port to IEC adapters called an X1541 cable. It was a simple design, and I fabricated the cable […]

The Commodore VIC-20

The world’s first color computer marketed for the masses! 16 Colors – 4 Channel Sound – 5K Memory Ahhhhh! Color and Sound! This went through my mind as I first saw this computer at the local Computers Unlimited while I was out shopping for a home computer with my parents. I had seen other color […]

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