Christmas Demos – VIC-20 Style

This Christmas day, I had a chance to look back and reflect on some of my earlier days as a computer programmer, working on simple, yet festive graphic demos on my Commodore VIC-20.

A typical programming session with my first computer, a VIC-20, with my Father showing an interest.

It was 1981. I received my very first computer in October of that year. By the time Christmas was approaching, I had created a series of “demos” to play for the year’s family get together for Christmas 1981. In this video, I load up programs from the actual cassette tape I had over 31 years ago and look at a few of the demos I made.

After I finished the video, I decided to save the last demo to a floppy disk and copy it over to a PC for distribution on the Internet. I have made the .PRG file available here. Just load it up in your favorite VIC-20 emulator, like WinVice, or copy it to a floppy of your own, using ZoomFloppy or something, and play it in your own VIC-20 computer.


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