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Retro Christmas Wishlist: Day 11 – 15

Ten days in this series so far. Did any of the things I have posted ever show up on your former wishlists, or even better, show up as a gift during the holidays? Don’t forget to start at the beginning of this series if you haven’t done so already. Day 11: The TRS-80 Computer (1977) […]

Video Blog – Episode 1 – TRS-80 Transfer

I finally got around to creating a video demonstrating the process mentioned in a previous post where I transferred files from a PC to a TRS-80 Model IV. The remarkable part is that I got it out this soon (he says sarcastically, LOL). I re-shot the video several times, using a standard definition video camera. […]

TRS-80 Hard Drive System – Now Operational

I was sitting on a TRS-80 hard drive system for a couple of years without doing anything with it. I did plug it in to my Model IV, just to see what would happen. I figure anything between a successful system boot and a successful release of smoke and ozone would result. Turns out, I […]

Transferring programs TO a TRS-80

For years, I owned a TRS-80 Model IV two-disk system. I purchased it in the late 1990s at a community yard sale for only $25. Since then, there was little I could do with it. All I had was an L-DOS 6.3.1 boot disk. If all I wanted to do was format floppies, or type […]

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