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Throwback Thursday – Texas Instruments LED Watch – 1978

When I was growing up in the 1970’s, I had owned at least three watches between ages 6-12. The first watch was an analog watch (with hands) depicting a picture of the moon and space on the face and an astronaut tethered to a Mercury space capsule as an animated sweep second hand. My second […]

Throwback Thursday – TI Programmer Calculator – 1979

Programming computers these days is rather simple. Don’t believe me? I do it for a living. While computer programming might not be considered easy to others, it really is just a matter of perspective. Today’s programming tools make the process much easier by abstracting a lot of the core hardware functionality from the programmer. If […]

Throwback Thursday – Mattel Dungeons & Dragons Game – 1981

Portable gaming in 1981 was limited to individually configured devices, most of them with a new look and feel to both confuse and amaze the child who just received the game. The Mattel Dungeons & Dragons game is no exception. This game is one of the earlier LCD based handheld games. During its heyday, most […]

Throwback Thursday – The Color Console Television – 1983

Today, many of us are enjoying the high resolution television broadcasts from hundreds of channels fed through a single 1/4” diameter cable… and you still can’t find anything good to watch! Well, consider yourselves lucky. Even thirty years ago, when cable was still being expanded to deliver clear, static free television to rural America, the […]

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