From time to time, I get requests for documentation for the various items that I write about, or even those that get noticed in my videos. I have created this page to post any of the documentation that I have.

The organization of this page will most likely be rather haphazard until I have posted a large collection of documents. Until then, I hope the contributions of information on this page help with the various collector’s communities I serve.

SuperFORTH 64


PROMAL 2.1 C64


Panasonic JR-200U





2 Comments on “Docs”

  1. Since you use “SuperFORTH” in the name of your SuperFORTH 64 for the Commodore, I was wondering if you might have any contact information for the developers of PD-10 SuperFORTH for the Radio Shack Color Computer?

    1. I only posted the SuperFORTH documentation because I have documentation on hand and wanted to contribute to the collector’s community for those who don’t have any documentation for SuperFORTH 64. I never knew there was a SuperFORTH for the Color Computer.

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