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Vintage Volts Episode 4 – 1976 Radio Shack Catalog – Part 2

Mike Whalen and I finish up browsing through the 1976 Radio Shack catalog and discussing the technology of the day. If you wish to follow along with us, you can browse an online version of the 1976 Radio Shack catalog at: This Radio Shack catalog series is broken up into multiple parts. This part […]

Vintage Volts Episode 2 – Brief History of Transistor Radios

Before the end of 2013, I was able to slip in episode number 2! In this episode, I provide a brief history of transistor radios. I also discuss a bit about vacuum tube radios, just to show how the technology had progressed This episode also introduces a new segment for the Vintage Volts podcast, called […]

Vintage Volts – Episode 1!!!

Finally!!!! The Vintage Volts Podcast is officially released. Much effort (and worry) went into creating and producing this podcast. I kept delaying it because I simply could not satisfy my own need for perfection. However, if I did not just give up on trying too hard, I would have never published my first show. Instead, […]

Podcast: Episode One (…soon)

Why would I post a notice about a podcast that is not available yet? Well technically, it is available for posting. I did record an introductory podcast, but I don’t have it satisfactorily edited yet. However, if given the chance, I’ll sit on it forever and never get it posted. So, I thought I’d post […]

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