Podcast: Episode One (…soon)

Why would I post a notice about a podcast that is not available yet?
Well technically, it is available for posting. I did record an introductory podcast, but I don’t have it satisfactorily edited yet. However, if given the chance, I’ll sit on it forever and never get it posted. So, I thought I’d post a notice with a deadline. That should get me off my duff and get it mixed down and made available for download. You’ll all keep me in line, won’t you? Wink
Now, MARK MY WORDS!! I will have episode one of the Vintage Volts Podcast posted within the next two weeks from this posting date (and no, I will not cheat by changing the posting date).
What will the podcast be like? Well, the introductory podcast will be “unformatted.”  I recorded it solely on the drive home from work one day on an iPod Touch. It is a collection of my thoughts on vintage electronics mixed in with some anecdotes from my own life. I basically recorded it to set the tone for future podcast subjects. Future podcasts will be more structured (and hopefully with better quality).
So, I’m not trying to sound like a General Contractor by saying it’ll be done in TWO WEEKS and not follow through on the promise. I do want to get the first one out and maintain a regular schedule. I have far too many subjects to talk about.

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