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Retro Christmas Wishlist: Day 20 – 25

Have you been enjoying this vintage electronics advent wishlist, along with the chocolates you’ve been snacking on in your boxed advent calendars? Five more days to go. Make sure you go back and start reading these wishlists from the beginning if you haven’t done so already! Day 21: Simon! (1978) I don’t think there is […]

Retro Christmas Wishlist: Day 16 – 20

We’re past the halfway point on this Wishlist series. I know it’s bringing back a flood of memories for me. How about you? Do you now suddenly feel the urge to hit up eBay for any of the old electronic devices you always wanted, so you can buy back your childhood? Don’t forget to go […]

Retro Christmas Wishlist: Day 11 – 15

Ten days in this series so far. Did any of the things I have posted ever show up on your former wishlists, or even better, show up as a gift during the holidays? Don’t forget to start at the beginning of this series if you haven’t done so already. Day 11: The TRS-80 Computer (1977) […]

Retro Christmas Wishlist: Day 6 – 10

Continuing the countdown, I decided it would be best to break up the summary posts into five day block. Doing so will prohibit the need to keep scrolling, just to get to what’s important… details of the newest posting. Then again, many of you actually reminiscing about these items because you also remember when you […]

Retro Christmas Wishlist: Day 1 – 5

I’ve always wanted to do a “countdown” style series on social media. I just never thought of, or settled on a suitable countdown theme to do so. This year, while perusing some old catalogs I have in my collection, I decided on a theme of items I remember wishing I would get for Christmas when […]

Random ROMs

I have this weird habit. I collect stuff… Even weirder, I am insanely curious about the stuff I collect, even if it takes me years to discover what it is I’ve actually collected. In this case, I was perusing through parts drawers and came across a bunch or EPROMS. These EPROMS were collected over the […]

AMI D-80 Jukebox

It’s not enough that I have turntables, record players, and other equipment to play my 45 RPM records. I needed a way to play them in style! It was during the recent 2015 White Rose Gameroom Show that I was able to make that happen. What is a jukebox (some have asked)? A jukebox is […]

Damark – The “Great Deal” Catalog

On the lines of Fingerhut catalogs that are still being sent to millions of houses today, well known as a recognizable source for borderline useful tchotchkes for the home, the Damark catalog generally provided similar product offerings in the form of electronic devices. Apparently, Damark (up until the year 2000) ran a number of shopper’s […]

Texas Instruments SILENT 700 series

In the early days of public online services, there were many ways to access information sources like Compuserve, BIX, and GEnie. You could use a desktop computer in the home or office… when you were in the home or office. Or, you could use a portable data terminal device like the Texas Instruments SILENT 700 […]

Vintage Volts Episode 4 – 1976 Radio Shack Catalog – Part 1

Follow along with my guest host, Mike Whalen, as we browse through the 1976 Radio Shack catalog and discuss the technology of the day. If you wish to follow along with us, you can browse an online version of the 1976 Radio Shack catalog at: This Radio Shack catalog series is broken up into […]

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