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Retro Christmas Wishlist: Day 20 – 25

Have you been enjoying this vintage electronics advent wishlist, along with the chocolates you’ve been snacking on in your boxed advent calendars? Five more days to go. Make sure you go back and start reading these wishlists from the beginning if you haven’t done so already! Day 21: Simon! (1978) I don’t think there is […]

Retro Christmas Wishlist: Day 11 – 15

Ten days in this series so far. Did any of the things I have posted ever show up on your former wishlists, or even better, show up as a gift during the holidays? Don’t forget to start at the beginning of this series if you haven’t done so already. Day 11: The TRS-80 Computer (1977) […]

Throwback Thursday – Texas Instruments LED Watch – 1978

When I was growing up in the 1970’s, I had owned at least three watches between ages 6-12. The first watch was an analog watch (with hands) depicting a picture of the moon and space on the face and an astronaut tethered to a Mercury space capsule as an animated sweep second hand. My second […]

The way ELECTRONICS used to be!