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Retrochallenge R̶C̶2̶0̶1̶8̶/̶0̶9̶ R̶C̶2̶0̶1̶9̶/̶1̶0̶ RC2020/04

Update (again) – 30 APR 2020: I’m, again, back at it. Something mysteriously fell through with the operation of the RC2019/10 Retrochallenge. The entire contest just went stale with no oversight. So… now that someone else took over the management of the Retrochallenge franchise, I thought maybe I’d give it another go. I decided to […]

Retrochallenge 10/2017

That time of year again… It’s Retrochallenge time! Retrochallenge is where you challenge yourself to use vintage computers for a personal project for a month. This time, it’s for the month of October 2017. For my Retrochallenge, I will be rewriting an old Christmas graphic and sound demo I wrote on a real VIC-20 computer […]

Retrochallenge 2016/01

To jump to a specific update, select from the list below: Update 12/16/2015 Update 12/21/2015 Update 1/8/2016 Update 1/13/2016 Update 1/29/2016 It’s that time of year when the bi-annual Retrochallenge prepares to begin with a new list of challenge entries, all in the name of vintage computing. For the next challenge, I choose NOT to […]

Updated Jan 20, 2015: My RetroChallenge Entry for January 2015

Twice a year, I enter the contest known as RetroChallenge. It is an informal challenge for all participants to do something with retro computers for one month. The next “Winter Warmup” challenge starts New Year’s Day, 2015. Although there is a contest aspect to the event, it’s really rather ungoverned or scrutinized as a contest. […]

Winter Warmup 2014 Retrochallenge

UPDATE 1 JAN 2013… er 2014 First official day of the Retrochallenge and I reached a significant setback. It was only now when I discovered that PROMAL has absolutely no direct support for sound… bummer…! This leaves me with a decision to make. Switch to SuperForth 64 and learn to basically “this program like” using […]

Summer 2013 Retrochallenge

UPDATE: 3 AUG 2013 OK. Both videos have been rendered uploaded.  Just click the name of the videos below to go directly to them. Part 1 – Detailing the Peripheral Expansion Box Part 2 – Demonstrating the use of the TI-99/4A Both videos together cover about 1 hour and 40 minutes. They were assembled a […]

My Challenge for the “Retrochallenge: 2013 Winter Warmup”

My Retrochallenge consists of a living history of online communications. I am teaching my 14 year old Son how I used to get online back in the day. I have had regular Internet access all of his life, with only the first two years of his life where we only had dial-up Internet access in […]

The way ELECTRONICS used to be!