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Retro Christmas Wishlist: Day 20 – 25

Have you been enjoying this vintage electronics advent wishlist, along with the chocolates you’ve been snacking on in your boxed advent calendars? Five more days to go. Make sure you go back and start reading these wishlists from the beginning if you haven’t done so already! Day 21: Simon! (1978) I don’t think there is […]

AMI D-80 Jukebox

It’s not enough that I have turntables, record players, and other equipment to play my 45 RPM records. I needed a way to play them in style! It was during the recent 2015 White Rose Gameroom Show that I was able to make that happen. What is a jukebox (some have asked)? A jukebox is […]

The White Rose Gameroom Show – 2014

This article will be updated throughout the day Friday and Saturday Day one at the White Rose Gameroom Show started off with a noticeabe change. It was located in the York Fairgrounds Horticulture Hall for the many years I have been attending. This year, it’s in the Old Main building right next door. There was […]

Finally found a replacement backglass!

For those following this blog, you may have seen my writeup on the first pinball machine I ever purchased… a Williams Smarty, which was in “less than perfect condition” to say the least. You can read the original article here: Well, after all these years, and patience to boot, I finally came across a […]

Timeline Arcade – Keeping the memories alive!

As people get older, nostalgia tends to creep up on many of them, thus attempting to vividly remember what it is that they did when they were younger. Most of the vivid recollections are in the categories of fun and other happy occasions. This includes the many various forms of entertainment available to them and […]

Pinball Collection – 1979 Stern Trident

I picked up this interesting gem from a local Craigslist ad in March of 2009. As with most older pinball machines, it had it’s share of quirks. It was the first electronic pinball machine I ever bought for my gameroom. This meant that not only might I have needed to troubleshoot a mess of wires […]

Pinball Collection – 1968 Williams Smarty

This is the first blog entry in my Pinball Collection series of posts. In these blog entries, I describe one of the pinball machines in my collection, along with a small back story including how I had acquired the machine and its history while in my possession. For the longest time, I have been an […]

My Visit to the National Pinball Museum

On August 11, 2012, my family and I decided to take a trip to Baltimore to see the National Pinball Museum located at 608 Water St., Baltimore, MD. We enjoy pinball machines and wanted to take the opportunity to play some pinball machines on a single admission fee for a couple of hours.

Click, Click, DING DING, Bing!!

Why do I still like Electromechanical (EM) pinball machines? They need a lot of care and attention. Little things always seem to go wrong which creates a conundrum. Usually the problem involves a minor scoring issue. “Do I overlook the issue, or do I open up the playfield (or back) and clean whatever relay/contact needs […]

The way ELECTRONICS used to be!