Finally found a replacement backglass!

For those following this blog, you may have seen my writeup on the first pinball machine I ever purchased… a Williams Smarty, which was in “less than perfect condition” to say the least. You can read the original article here:

Well, after all these years, and patience to boot, I finally came across a replacement backglass which is a tremendous improvement over the original one. That’s not to say it is a perfect replacement glass. It does have imperfections in a few small areas, along with some chipped paint, but you would have to look for these imperfections rather than having them be blatantly obvious. Here… judge for yourself: (click on the images for a larger view)



As you can see, the original backglass had almost all of the paint peeled off to about 1/4 down the glass. All of the red in the text “Smarty” was also peeled away. Now… I need to find out what techniques are useful for preventing chipped paint from getting any worse, along with how to mix paints to fill in the few number of bad spots on the backglass. Until then, I enjoy having the new backglass in place, bringing out the beauty of this fun pinball machine.

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