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3D Graphics – Amiga Style!

A long, long time ago, in an era so far away, an Amiga was all that I had… My early computing days were Commodore centric. I had a VIC-20 for my first computer while in high school. Then in my first years in the military, I bought a Commodore 64. A few years later, I […]

Read Error – Saving My Disk Collection

This article was originally written in October 2008, but was updated (see below) on 13 Apr 2013 to describe the success of my recovery efforts.

Rebuilding my Amiga

I have been an Amiga fanatic ever since the Amiga 1000 came out. I have been an Amiga owner since I got my Federal Tax refund in February 1989. I had bought a Commodore Amiga 500 using nearly all of the refund money. It cost $599, and I had to wait for it to be […]

The way ELECTRONICS used to be!