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Workshop Weekend

I was attending a repair workshop this weekend along with other vintage computer aficionados. These (paid) workshops are typically to provide working space for those who need an area to work on their vintage computer systems, or even to pick the brains of other attendees of the workshop. On this visit, I brought a portion […]

Installing a Large SSD Drive in a Stock Amiga 1200

This project started as a need to come up with a solution for my Amiga 1200 that recently suffered floppy disk failure. Although I am able to attach an external floppy drive to the system, I wanted to have every opportunity available to me to get software into the system through other sources. Sources that […]

Screen Rot…

Back in the day… who knew?!? Who knew that one day, the technological devices of the era would have issues with their displays. LCD displays were a welcome advancement over the LED displays of the day when it came to long battery life and smaller, thinner devices. Among those devices are “pocket computers” that were […]

Archiving Flux

For quite some time, I was buying devices to allow me to archive the over 1000 floppy disks I have acquired over the decades when collecting vintage computer systems. I know that floppy disks don’t last forever, especially if they weren’t stored properly. Heat, cold, humidity, and dirt all work against floppy disk preservation. So […]

Retrochallenge R̶C̶2̶0̶1̶8̶/̶0̶9̶ R̶C̶2̶0̶1̶9̶/̶1̶0̶ RC2020/04

Update (again) – 30 APR 2020: I’m, again, back at it. Something mysteriously fell through with the operation of the RC2019/10 Retrochallenge. The entire contest just went stale with no oversight. So… now that someone else took over the management of the Retrochallenge franchise, I thought maybe I’d give it another go. I decided to […]

Retro Christmas Wishlist: Day 20 – 25

Have you been enjoying this vintage electronics advent wishlist, along with the chocolates you’ve been snacking on in your boxed advent calendars? Five more days to go. Make sure you go back and start reading these wishlists from the beginning if you haven’t done so already! Day 21: Simon! (1978) I don’t think there is […]

Retro Christmas Wishlist: Day 16 – 20

We’re past the halfway point on this Wishlist series. I know it’s bringing back a flood of memories for me. How about you? Do you now suddenly feel the urge to hit up eBay for any of the old electronic devices you always wanted, so you can buy back your childhood? Don’t forget to go […]

Retro Christmas Wishlist: Day 11 – 15

Ten days in this series so far. Did any of the things I have posted ever show up on your former wishlists, or even better, show up as a gift during the holidays? Don’t forget to start at the beginning of this series if you haven’t done so already. Day 11: The TRS-80 Computer (1977) […]

Retro Christmas Wishlist: Day 6 – 10

Continuing the countdown, I decided it would be best to break up the summary posts into five day block. Doing so will prohibit the need to keep scrolling, just to get to what’s important… details of the newest posting. Then again, many of you actually reminiscing about these items because you also remember when you […]

Retro Christmas Wishlist: Day 1 – 5

I’ve always wanted to do a “countdown” style series on social media. I just never thought of, or settled on a suitable countdown theme to do so. This year, while perusing some old catalogs I have in my collection, I decided on a theme of items I remember wishing I would get for Christmas when […]

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