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Retrochallenge R̶C̶2̶0̶1̶8̶/̶0̶9̶ RC2019/10

Update – 12 SEP 2019: I’m back at it, again, to continue with another Retrochallenge. But, instead of picking something new to not eventually finish, I’ll rehash an old one which means a great deal to me. The only thing is, I will use the incentive of Retrochallenge to focus more of my limited free […]

3D Graphics – Amiga Style!

A long, long time ago, in an era so far away, an Amiga was all that I had… My early computing days were Commodore centric. I had a VIC-20 for my first computer while in high school. Then in my first years in the military, I bought a Commodore 64. A few years later, I […]

Damark – The “Great Deal” Catalog

On the lines of Fingerhut catalogs that are still being sent to millions of houses today, well known as a recognizable source for borderline useful tchotchkes for the home, the Damark catalog generally provided similar product offerings in the form of electronic devices. Apparently, Damark (up until the year 2000) ran a number of shopper’s […]

Radio Shack: A Personal Perspective

Here it is… February 5, 2015, and the once powerful Radio Shack stores has declared bankruptcy. It’s a bit surreal, but I suppose after the past decade or two, I’m not totally surprised. However, I can’t help but think back in retrospect as to how the chain of stores impacted me directly, and also my […]

Throwback Thursday – The Rotary Dial Telephone

A recently discovered YouTube video, subsequently shared on the Vintage Volts Facebook feed, got me thinking about the quaint beginnings of a technology we all seem to take for granted. That technology is called the “telephone.” Today, we most grab our smartphones and tap a name in a contact list or text thread to call […]

Christmas Demos – VIC-20 Style

This Christmas day, I had a chance to look back and reflect on some of my earlier days as a computer programmer, working on simple, yet festive graphic demos on my Commodore VIC-20. It was 1981. I received my very first computer in October of that year. By the time Christmas was approaching, I had […]


OK. I admit it, I’m mixing up the decades a bit… I was referring to the old vacuum tube, thermionic valve, electron tube, or whatever you want to call it, using references from my favorite decade, the 80’s! So, why even bring up “tubes” in the first place? Well, for one, we got “here” from […]

My Visit to – Retro Addicts

If you’re in the market for something retro, you will find that this country is full of thrift stores. At such stores, you’ll find a variety of vintage items which may date back through several decades. Notwithstanding the lack of fashion and style, most of the items at thrift stores, such as clothing, serve more […]

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