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Throwback Thursday – AM Radio Broadcasting Kit – 1977

Today (October 31) in 1977 marks a starting milestone in my personal career. It was the day I stopped going out for Trick-or-Treat and got started in the world of hobby electronics. I had some money left over from a birthday gift not long before and was at the mall, hanging around the Radio Shack […]

Attending Maker-Faire for the first time – Part 1 (a summary)

The last weekend of July 2011 is over, and my first trip to Maker Faire is completed. I took my son along with me on a 500 mile roadtrip to Dearborn, MI to attend Maker Faire:Detroit at The Henry Ford. This summary, or review as it might be interpreted, is an honest recollection of how […]

Hobbyist Electronics – Old and New

As my son grows older, being about the same age I was when starting in the hobby, I’ve learned that he is developing the same interest in “tinkering” with technology as I did. While looking for suitable resources for him to get started in the hobby, I’m perturbed at the lack of local parts sources. […]

The way ELECTRONICS used to be!