Commodore 64 File Downloads

This page contains a collection of Commodore 64 .D64 files which have been archived from the hundreds of floppy disks from my personal collection which I have acquired over the years. It may be a long time before I get ALL of my collection posted here.

The names of the D64 files represent (for the most part) the exact disk name encoded on the disk itself. Some of the disk images are useful, some might be junk, and some might contain strange but random user files. The content is open game.

Generally, the filenames adhere to the following template (except for titles like DISK1, DISK2, etc.):

DISKNAME.D64All caps represent a disk named by the encoded 1541 disk name.

Diskname.D64Mixed case names are where I created a more specific filename if the 1541 disk name was rather nebulous.

If you find a miscategorized or unreadable/unuseable D64 file, please leave a comment below about it.


TypeDrawer/FileDate ModifiedSize

CALOKE IND U 315 10:10 pm 03/20/2015170.8k

CALOKE IND U 316 10:10 pm 03/20/2015170.8k

CDS TEST 10:10 pm 03/20/2015171.4k

COPY 10:07 pm 03/20/2015171.4k

Copy Progs 10:07 pm 03/20/2015171.4k

FAST HACK'EM30A 10:07 pm 03/20/2015171.4k

10 Comments on “Commodore 64 File Downloads”

    1. The disks are not empty.
      Super Forth doesn’t use the directory in a way like Commodore DOS. Forth has got an own file system. You only can access to the files from Super Forth itself.

      Read the manual of extended math disk here on this website. There you get the instructions on how to use it. I just tested this disk, it works.

  1. Thanks for catching that. I checked my original sources and found them to be empty too. I don’t know what happened, unless there is a special format used by the Forth disks that my archiving system failed to adapt to.

    I’ll have to try and back them up again.

  2. There are instructions in the Errata at the front of the SuperForth 64 manual which tell how to backup the disks using the Forth system itself because of the special format used.

  3. I recently downloaded the PROMAL series of disks and have so found two source files that are corrupt:

    infiltvars.s on PROMAL 2.1 DEMO

    count.s on PROMAL PDL 2

    1. I do thank you for your interest in the PROMAL disks and information on my website. I hope that other than for those corrupted source files, you are enjoying playing around with PROMAL.

      Those disks were copied using the same tools that the other disks were copied with. I have been unable to fully test the original disks on a real machine. The disk images were put out there in an attempt to archive something that wasn’t in existence at the time. I have the originals packed away in storage right now.

      I’m not completely surprised that there are corrupted files, and that the disks were even readable in any way. Also, PROMAL disks are custom formatted. I don’t know what tools to use to fix any bad files because they don’t conform to 1541 DOS standards. I’m afraid that if those source files aren’t available on one of the other disks, then they’re lost to eternity.

  4. Jeff
    I need the two cassette gears to the right of the ones you featured on your 2013 video Fixing The Magnavox D8443 Cassette gear. Do you have any contacts where I can buy those two gears or know someone who can make them?
    I may have found them on Siliconemind Studio but not sure and cant find the original link where I took the pic of them.

    Roger Taylor……..

    1. I have the one gear to the right, the largest of the two, on my Shapeways page. It’s design is untested though, but does measure to the original size. I haven’t had a need to replace mine because I think to do so will require breaking the pin it mounts on. I don’t want to break something that works at the moment if you know what I mean.

      I have it posted on Shapeways for a lower price than I would normally charge, because it is untested. There’s a misnumbering in the product name, but it is for the D8443.

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