2011 Ending… What to do in 2012?

When I started the Vintage Volts website, I had one major goal in mind; to share my fondness for classic and vintage technology. Well, for the most part, my heart was in the right place. 🙂

When I look at what other people are doing with their retro, classic, or vintage websites, I have no choice but to admire their ability to act on their passion for their hobbies. A passion which I feel I also have, but which I have lacked the motivation to follow through with.

It’s not as easy as it looks… Trust me!

I can come up with many reasons (excuses if you will) to explain why I have not kept up on this website. Many of them are due to life’s priorities such as home, family, and work, but I do have my share of free time which I have used to focus on other things which were, quite frankly, less important than my hobbies. All in all, I always felt like a 27 hour day would be better for me to have the time I need to do everything I want to do.

So my New Year’s Resolution to all, if not only to myself, is to follow through with my hobbies and passion by remembering, admiring, and reminiscing about all of the electronic technology I became familiar with during my life. When I come across something from the past, either from my own collection or from a rare flea market find, I’ll blog about my experiences with the item and share any memories I may have of using it when growing up.

If anything, my blog posts would hopefully trigger similar recollections from you, the reader. By all means, feel free to join in the conversations.

Happy New Year, 2012!!

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