2012 – A Year in “Preview”

Last year, 2012, was a banner year for the Vintage Volts website simply because I’ve posted more articles and pod/video casts than I did since I first started the blog. But still, I’m trying to find a proper “direction” while moving forward in this endeavor.

My original goal was to create an audio podcast called Vintage Volts. I was to be updating it on a regular basis and join along with the likes of other podcasters out there who like to reminisce and talk about some of their favorite pastimes. That didn’t pan out as much as I wanted it to do. I found my personal schedule too erratic to support an opportunity to sit down and record/edit an audio podcast at regular intervals. Therefore, I realized I needed to try something which supported an “inconsistent” sequence of updates. That is why I settled on a blog as my primary means of publishing.

With a blog, I can write up draft copies of news, thoughts, or recollections, then come back to them at a later time to refine them. After I finish putting down all I had to say, I can publish the article publicly. Unlike an audio podcast, I can edit my written words from almost any location, like when I’m waiting for the mechanic to finish my car. Or maybe, when I’m sitting in that chair they always have at the ladies wear department while my wife tries on some new clothes and I don’t want to LOOK LIKE I’m watching her purse, I can pull out my mobile phone and do a little blog editing.

Still, I plan on doing audio and video podcasts as part of this blog, even though they might be about rather obscure topics, like the one I did for those who have an interest in transferring files to an old TRS-80 computer system. I expect to be able to do more video podcasts in 2013, even on subjects which may be more interesting to a majority of followers. But I believe the range of topics in the genre of all things “electronic” is what defines the scope of the blog.

This blog has been, and always will be, intended for the discussion of vintage electronic gear and equipment, regardless of its purpose. Therefore, there will be obscure topics. There will be discussions about (once) popular topics, like “records and tapes”, classic gaming systems, or even transistor radios. Sometimes, *I* don’t even know what the next topic will be until something sparks a memory from the past. But regardless of what the next topic ends up being, it will be a trip down memory lane.

For those who have been following along in 2012, you basically saw a preview of the blog, so please stay tuned! For those just discovering the Vintage Volts blog, feel free to create an account on the blog, say “Hi”, and join in the discussion(s) at the bottom of each article.

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