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On March 17, 2013, I was invited to co-host Episode 47 of the Retro Computing Roundtable (RCR) podcast.

RCR is a podcast which discusses retrocomputing of all types in a “discussion panel” style forum. Retrocomputing is a hobby/activity for aficionados of historical computing systems.

Founded by David Greelish, and regularly co-hosted by Earl Evans and Carrington Vanston, the primary focus of the podcast is along the lines of desktop or “personal computing”, like the old “8 and 16-bit” era. However, professional and industry use of computers often makes its way into the discussion.

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I was asked by David to co-host due to Earl and Carrington having other commitments at the time. Since part of my sphere of “vintage appreciation” includes retrocomputing, I wholeheartedly accepted the invitation.

I’ll admit, I was nervous at first. Part of that nervousness can be heard in my dialog (you can actually hear me “not breathing” between sentences). But, I was working with known professionals in the retrocomputing scene, including the founder of, Steven Weyhrich, so I simply followed their lead when I felt cold feet creeping up on me. I do love chatting about vintage electronic devices, but I’m actually more comfortable discussing it in front of visible crowds than in front of an unknown cadre of listeners. For my own upcoming VintageVolts podcast episodes, I’m sure I’ll get more comfortable with the process the more times I do it.

The thing about doing video podcasts is knowing that there WILL BE a backdrop of some kind in the resulting video. David has a well decorated office, conducive to the medium. I believe Steven was broadcasting from his work office, but there wasn’t any more than you’d expect to see in a doctor’s office, thus keeping him, the subject, as the primary focus. I realize that MY portion of the video broadcast was a different story…

I broadcast from by workshop, which by its very nature is expected (or even intended) to be a mass of clutter! Shortly before the show aired live, I seriously considered putting up a green screen and using my Amiga 2000 with Video Toaster to put a more serene scene in the background. Honestly!!! That’s kind of the way I think!

However, since I have learned that it’s best NOT to do any “11th-hour” changes to anything that needs to go on without a hitch, I decided to just re-arrange the piles of stuff and make the place look a bit neater. I gathered together many of the “current projects” I was working on and set them off camera. By “current”, I mean all of the stuff I have opened up to some degree for repair. Then I composed a scene which is more of a “who’s who” of vintage electronic gear. In one way, it doubles as a challenge to the viewer to try and guess what each and every item on camera actually is. For example, there is a Laserdisc and SelectaVision player in view.

There is no doubt that David and Steven were both quite informative and professional during the broadcast. But overall, I actually felt comfortable enough with my own “performance.” I enjoyed having the opportunity to share my likes and experiences with the listening (and viewing) masses. I would welcome any opportunity in the future to co-host the Retro Computing Roundtable again!

Retro Computing Roundtable, Episode 47, on YouTube

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