Summer Challenge 2014 Retrochallenge – GEOS

Ignore the last post about the “Summer Challenge” Retrochallenge ( While I was looking for the equipment I needed to effectively finish the Donkey Kong game for the VIC-20 (I was trying to find a RAM expansion cartridge), I came across a stack of GEOS software for the Commodore 128. So, I decided to “go GEOS” for the month of July. I’ll save the Donkey Kong challenge for the Winter Retrochallenge.

What I plan on doing is set up a Commodore 128 with the following hardware:

GEOS Software
GEOS Software
  • (2) 1571 disk drives
  • 1350 Mouse
  • Composite and RGB monitor
  • 1200 (or 300) baud modem
  • Dot matrix printer of some sort

…and I will make use of the GEOS software I have on hand, and maybe even any additional GEOS software I can produce from archived disk images.

I’ll try to use the word processing software to document my progress, use GeoProgrammer to write a useful GEOS program. Find a GEOS terminal program to call up a BBS.  And put other GEOS software to use as much as I can, documenting my experience with it. I expect to experience using GEOS in a way that I could not afford to do back in its heyday while discovering if it has any usefulness in today’s computing environment.

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