What is Vintage Volts about?

I’ve been in the electronics hobby for quite some time, over thirty years. I’ve watched the hobby go from the open eyed wonder of new components and resources for the benchtop hobbyist to the modern era of electronic lifestyles. A lifestyle of conveniences society has been acclimated and accustomed to with cell phones, everyday computers, MP3 players, etc. Not that there is anything wrong with those, the intention of this website is to teach and promote the wonders (and interesting limitations) of earlier electronic resources.
For example, the LED. LEDs are everywhere, and in most cases superseded by LCD displays these days with the LED mostly relegated to indicator lights. However, does anybody remember when LEDs were first popular? The early LED handheld games for example. Imagine, portable gaming with lights that last a  long time on a few batteries, by the standards of those days. Electronic sounds and nothing mechanical allowed a game to be quick and sturdy due to the exclusion of mechanical parts. What about the hobbyist that could go into the local Radio Shack or Lafayette Electronics and pick up LED components, or a majority of other components, to design their own interesting devices.
Vintage Volts is here as a forum to discuss these past wonders of a pre-modern age. There will be a potpourri of topics. I might post a review of something that used to be popular in the past, describe how things used to work, or discuss what can be done in modern days to keep the hobby alive. This is an open forum. Feel free to contribute any suggestions of your own.
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