Recent Find – Monteverdi AM/FM, 8-Track, Phono Console Stereo

Monteverdi CCD-4578 AM/FM, 8-Track, Phono Stereo System

I picked this item up from a local hardware store which occasionally puts out “flea market” type product they acquire when they attend property auctions. This is a Monteverdi CCD-4578 console stereo system. These are the types of full featured stereos I used when growing up. Although this one is one of the older style units (having an 8-Track player instead of cassette), it is in relatively good condition. The only thing that’s wrong with it right now is the turntable. The mechanism probably needs to be rebuilt and lubricated. However, the rest of the system works well. It pulls in FM radio stations like a vacuum cleaner pulls in dirt. The sound is great through the cheap speakers it comes with. It sounds even better with higher quality speakers. Unlike other brands available at the time, this system supports four speakers for that “front/back” room effect. My plans for this system is to rebuild the turntable and put it to use as a home stereo system.

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  1. I have a Monteverdi eight track player model 4190 -0018. Still works,and has a left and right phono input in back. Wanted to know what it’s worth these days.

    1. I’m not familiar with that player solely by model number. Pictures and/or descriptions are always helpful. I can only share personal experience in researching prices for 8-track systems.

      If it’s a portable 8-track player, you can expect to have an item worth anywhere from $20 to $80 on average. What makes the range in price so large are the many factors that contribute to its value. Are there any “unique” features on that model that make it stand out? For example, Panasonic made a player dubbed the “T-N-T” because it resembles the look of one of those plungers they use for igniting dynamite. It’s the look of it that sells. Weltron makes one that looks like a futuristic dome shape which makes it a collectable. Most other portable 8-track players are basically a box shape. There is little appeal over how it looks, thus no extra worth on its looks alone.

      However, operability is a key value to its worth. If it works, then it will certainly have SOME intrinsic value. if the belts are worn or broken, they won’t work right. Sometimes the bracket that holds the tape head is broken and it’ll never track the tape properly. 8-track players can be very finicky if they haven’t been maintained well. People rarely want to buy a broken 8-track player just to have it sit around. They either want it to be fully operational, or they want to buy it dirt-cheap to make a profit reconditioning them.

      The next property would be its visual condition. Most people want it to look good. That means the cases shouldn’t be cracked or yellowed. The protective tape doors shouldn’t be bent, stuck, or missing. Battery compartments shouldn’t be corroded due to leaky batteries.

      If your Monteverdi is a portable one with no distinguishing features, but looks clean and operates well, it probably has a value between $20-$40, which is what most other “standard” 8-track players have been known to sell for.

    1. It could be something as simple as a broken belt, but to be absolutely sure (before opening up the radio, it may be best to troubleshoot this step by step. Can you elaborate on the issue?

      With the system turned off, the tone arm (needle) should be able to easily be lifted from its resting clip and moved back and forth with almost no resistance.

      Also, with the tone arm (needle) unhooked from it’s resting clip, can you manually spin the turntable and/or move the tone arm?

      Please note that when turning the turntable in its normal direction (clockwise), the tone arm may lift and move on its own. That’s part of the automatic play mechanism at work.

    1. If you’re referring to the large screws in the corners of the record player portion, those adjust the spring action of the suspension system, to be able to absorb bumps and other physical shock to the radio without the record player skipping.

    1. I’ll bet she’ll enjoy it immensely!

      I started off with some troubleshooting steps as a reply to one of your previous comments. Hopefully the fix is simple, but certain things need to be checked first.

  2. Looking for a spindle and a needle for a Monteverdi stereo. Model # DD4263C, serial # 254A. It is a AM-FM Multiplex 8- track, also. Any inf. on above would be appreciated. Also I need to replace “plastic” cover. Thank you.

    1. I haven’t been able to find anything on my Montiverdi. I keep wondering that it may be a rebranded system manufactured by another company. I’m afraid that I don’t have any answers for you.

  3. i have a Monteverdi Stereo @8 track, in a wood cabinet.the top opens i dont know the year of it and all i got is ET-0050-0013 im try to get book on it or find someone to work on it..

    1. I’ll have to get mine out of storage to check for sure, but I believe any needle that works with the common BSR record changer turntables should work. Those are the typical mechanisms that are installed on these bookshelf systems.

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