Video Blog – Episode 1 – TRS-80 Transfer

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I finally got around to creating a video demonstrating the process mentioned in a previous post where I transferred files from a PC to a TRS-80 Model IV.

The remarkable part is that I got it out this soon (he says sarcastically, LOL). I re-shot the video several times, using a standard definition video camera. So, sorry about the quality of the main part of the video.

The dialog is a bit “flat”. No matter what I do with each attempt at recording, I cannot seem to shake my Pennsylvania accent. So, I eventually decided that it is what it is. I cannot keep trying to redo it over and over. It’s not a Discovery Channel style documentary, but it is full of important details and information. I hope that in the future my video blogs are more refined and presented more professionally.

Another thing you may note in the video is that I improved the look of the Vintage Volts logo. I had received feedback on the difficulty of reading the “volts” part, and it was a concern that I myself was mulling over, also.

Anyhow, enjoy the 38 minute long video at and enjoy it in “high definition”. In the future I will be using a true HD video camera for all of my videos.

You can find the BASIC program referenced in the video, here:

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