The Complete Historically Brewed Project

100100 years ago (binary), personal computers made their debut to, and for, the public masses with the formation of the Homebrew Computer Club.

This is but one of the amazing facts brought to light in the Historically Brewed newsletter series created by David Greelish. Along with interesting facts about the history of computers, there are articles on computer systems from a collector’s perspective. These include the opportunity to relive the days gone by when our Fathers, Grandfathers, or even ourselves were struggling to become a master in the fast-growing personal computer movement. Another interesting “feature” in the Historically Brewed newsletters are the peppered in vintage ads which adds a classic touch to the publication. After all, where else can you find more information about Nervine tablets to remedy your nervousness. 😉

The Historically Brewed newsletter is published no more. However, the editor and author is considering compiling a book with the entire collection of newsletters, along with some of his personal anecdotes, into one collectable book. According to David, all nine original issues, along with an unprinted tenth edition, will be published together with his own story as a member of the vintage computer “elite” who once owned or purchased a computing apparatus during the early days of personal computing.

As I look over my shoulder at a number of bound volumes of Popular Electronics magazines on my bookshelf, I find David’s idea a refreshing one. The Popular Electronics books I have came from a public library where several editions of the original magazine were bound together as one book. This makes for an easy way to own and reference physical copies of out of print publications. From a hobbyist and collector standpoint, I would appreciate it if other publishers would have done the same thing with theirs, or at least made available to the public what was once offered to libraries.

I feel the Historically Brewed book would make a fine addition to the serious collector or computer historian. It may not contain every point of view from industry players and experts from the era, but it does symbolize a period of time in the personal side of computing. For without the personal aspect, “personal” computing would have never existed.

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